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Wendy V.
- Pet Sitter -

Wendy V.

Hi! My name is Wendy and I love working with Frolic!

I grew up in Colorado with Horses, 2 dogs ( a lab mutt and a rottweiler), 3 cats (a calico, a tuxedo and later her son), a goat, chickens, ducks and gold fish! I wanted to grow up to be a dolphin trainer until my brother had me watch Jaws! Then I switched to music.

I moved to Seattle to go to school and got degrees in Digital Audio Engineering and MIDI Music Production. I use my school in my side life playing music in bands and my initial love of working with animals working here at Frolic. 

I just love all the different pets choosing to live with us and how we help each other out with life! They bring me such joy and remind me to be happy and caring everyday! I look forward to meeting and helping your life companions as we all continue to try to make our journeys as enjoyable as possible!

Thanks so much! 😊 ❤