Our Team

Denise H.
- Office Operations Assistant -

Denise H.

Hi, I’m Denise and the little shadow next to me is my trusty sidekick Redford. Him and his sister Biddy live a rough life full of naps, cuddles and treats. I grew up in a very rural part of Germany, and had an awesome childhood playing on in the woods and nearby fields. Growing up I spend a lot of time around all kinds of animals, anything from guinea pigs, fish, cats and dogs to horses and cows.  I’ve always enjoyed spending time with my furry (and sometimes not so furry) friends.

I moved to the PNW in 2012 and realized quickly that this area was a perfect match for me and my love for the outdoors. Eventually I want to own some land large enough for some chicken and goats to join our little family.  Having a tiny personal farm is a life long dream of mine.

I love being part of the Frolic Team; and I look forward to meeting you and all of your precious fur baby’s.