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Donna D.
- Pet Sitter -

Donna D.

My name is Donna and I love animals! My life has always been surrounded by pets…dogs, cats, an iguana, frogs…crickets to feed the frogs and gerbils. 36 gerbils to be exact and it started with 2 (they were both supposed to be males).  I was very lucky to grow up in West Seattle, with parents that tolerated my love of animals.

After 23 years playing in Lincoln Park and Alki Beach, my work transferred me to Portland, Oregon where I furthered my career in Medical Sales and started my own family.  I have 2 lovely daughters and like my childhood, my daughters had their own collection of pets…cats, dogs, rats, mice, a tortoise, frogs and walking sticks…oh and again crickets to feed the frogs.

After 33 years in Oregon, I am fortunate in my retirement from St. Jude Medical to return to the Seattle area to help care for my aging parents, enjoy your animals and re-explore Seattle.  I love being outside exercising and will treat your pets as my own.

Thank you for trusting me and Frolic!