Home is Where the Heart Is

When you leave town, it doesn’t always mean your pets can come with you. This is where we come in!

Some pets do better in their own homes with someone staying with them. Some have medical issues, sometimes there are more than one type of pet, and some are just not the types of pets that venture outside of the home at all. Whatever the case, we can offer overnight sitting in your home.

Because we are fully licensed, bonded and insured, we can stay in your home and do all the things you would do. In addition to taking care of your pets and giving them attention and love, we’ll bring in the mail, water the plants, put out the garbage and do whatever other tasks are needed during our stay to keep the normal routines.

Frolic Sleep Over includes a team member arriving at your home in the evening, typically around 6 or 7pm. This service includes a dinner feeding, cleaning up any messes, taking them for a walk- usually 30 minutes /and our yard time (if you have dog(s)) and cleaning the cat litter boxes (if your pets include cats). 

The Frolic Team member will also provide a later evening potty break for your dog(s).

The morning routine is similar but in reverse.

The first potty may be a shorter potty break, followed by breakfast feeding and then the walk or yard time.

The Frolic team member will sleep at your home so your pets get some extra social time, but the team member has the freedom to leave the premises other than during the pet care listed above. 

If you request that the Frolic Team member remain on your premises for 12 hours, then we have an option called Extended Care. This service is priced differently to reflect that the team member will remain on premises throughout the 12 hour overnight.

If you are staying in a hotel, we can come and provide most of our services for you as well.  Just because your pet came along for your adventures, doesn’t mean they can go on all the adventures.  We can come walk and potty break your pets, or hang out with them for a bit, if all they need is some companionship in a strange environment, while you continue with the vacation fun. Let us help keep your trip stress-free when it comes to your pets.