Client Introduction

At Frolic Pet Services, we believe in caring for your pets the way you care for them.

Here are the steps to get started:

  • First, you need to create an online profile. To get started, click on the New Client Sign In button on the website or HERE
  • We will send you a follow-up activation email to gain full access.
  • Download the App (Time To Pet on the Apple or Google Play stores) – Using the app is the easiest way to update your profile when things like the pet’s food, gear or where they should go changes too, and the team members will see all the information in your conversation and all profile updates. For security, only team members who care for your pets have access to your information.
  • Add all important info about your home.
  • Add your pets to the profile. Even if we are only providing care for one particular pet, please make sure they are all listed.
  • Add Payment Method under Invoices> Payment Methods. As you pay your invoices, you also have the opportunity to tip the Frolic Team Members.  It will automatically get distributed to the appropriate Team Members.
  • Speak With New Client Coordinator over the phone or via video, and if needed we will send someone to do a paid meet and greet with you and of course, your pets.  
  • Entry to your home – Most clients set up lockboxes and brackets or other key-less entry (garage code /door code/call box/concierge), making access smoother! Most clients will purchase a Frolic Lockbox & bracket if other entry options aren’t applicable.

With our team approach to care, there is no need to worry. There is more than one person that can take care of your pets, thus assuring that your pets will always be properly cared for.

We’ll send you a detailed electronic pet report after each visit, so you can know what we did, how the pets felt about it and if we noticed anything about them that you may not have encountered, health-wise. It will also include pictures of your pets and the GPS route we took, so you can see them on their adventures with us.