Our Team

Whitney H.
- Manager -

Whitney H.

My name is Whitney.  I grew up in downtown Seattle, thus living in more apartments than I care to count.  Pets were always in my life, from fish, hamsters, rats, lizards, dogs & cats.  I knew in my heart of hearts that one day, I could convince my mom that a pony would do just fine on our deck, (as they all had astroturf), but maybe it was my allergies at that age which kept her from saying yes.

Many summers and breaks were spent playing on the beach and woods of Whidbey Island, feeding chickens and goats, looking for toads and frogs, chasing away snakes and rabbits, and digging up the best green worms for bottom fishing, with my grandpa’s Belgian Tervuren always by my side.

My dogs have almost always come to me thru other people, who couldn’t have them anymore or considered them to be too difficult for them to keep, but knew I had a special bond and a soft spot for hard luck cases.

Currently, I live with my husband and our 2 rescue pups, Velky (it’s Czech for Big) & Freyja.

I awake every day, ready and excited to care for your pets, as much as I do my own! Thank you for allowing me that privilege.