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COVID and What It Means For Frolic

COVID and What It Means For Frolic

Everyone has been learning about new ways of living and doing things, thanks to a new word in our lexicon: COVID-19

Few things make us happier than serving our clients any way we can. This journey is far from over, but we are making progress, and we’re grateful for your continued support. To everyone who has reached out with a words of encouragement, asked us to keep on providing services because of their vulnerable status or has helped support our team during this time, we send a big “THANK YOU!”

Thankfully, Washington State’s Governor’s Office had provided us with criteria to help us navigate these previously uncharted waters.  In addition to Federal guidelines, local ones are the most helpful in defining all the specifics for our staff to follow.

For the safety of our clients and teammates, we’ve taken steps to limit human-to-human spread by following  CDC & local government guidelines. Because our staff are all employees and not independent contractors, we are able to monitor these practices and provide customized care for each client as well. We’ll also adjust our procedures accordingly to stay in compliance with current guidelines if and when they might evolve.

We know it hasn’t been easy for any of us, but together we will continue to stay safe and support each other until there is a solution that makes sense and allows us to know for certain where we go moving forward.

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