Services & Rates

Hotel Care

  • $34 – 50 –   for Dog Walking
  • $50* / $45  –  per hour for Extended Care Services

Many hotels today allow pets to stay with their families. If you’re staying at a pet-friendly accommodation, we’ll come to your hotel to provide your pet with care per your request. We’ll give your furry pal food and water, medications, walks for exercise and toileting, and lots of affection!

* If scheduling extended care services stand alone, the first hour is $44 and for each additional hour thereafter is $39.

See Dog Walking Services or Sleep Overs & Extended Care Services sections for more details!

All visit times include entry, gearing up, wiping down if dirty or wet, fresh water, kenneling or feeding (if required), and outside time. Actual walking time may vary to ensure we have time to address all your pets’ needs as previously listed.

All prices subject to change. If your location, schedule request, or entry has limitations, there are additional fees.  After hours and weekend appointments have additional fees, please click here for Policies and Fees

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