Services & Rates

Special Needs Care

Please discuss any Special Needs with us before services are to begin, so we can help determine the best course of action.

  • $5 – $15 – per visit for medications*
  • Varies – per visit for behavioral issues*

We provide services for all breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments.

Frolic’s highly trained staff is more than able to assist with all pet’s special needs and is happy to create a customized care plan for them!

With our team trained in Pet CPR and First Aid, our sitters are capable of administering Subcutaneous fluids, oral medications, and insulin injections, among other medications. In addition, we also care for pets that need more attention or specialized care due to injuries, age, or behavioral issues.

*Fees will be individually determined based on the level of care needed.

All prices subject to change. If your location, schedule request, or entry has limitations, there are additional fees.  After hours and weekend appointments have additional fees, please click here for Policies and Fees

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